Another Friday, another Good Sounds Playlist! This week’s setlist is a mix of dark, dance, groove and strange. Variety is certainly the spice of life when it comes to this playlist. Some tracks will come from artists featured on the blog this week, as well as some personal favourites of my own from the numerous years I’ve been addicted to music. There’s now SEVENTEEN of you subscribed to the playlist now which is incredible so thank you so much for that. Now I’ve got to double the budget on the nibbles. Happy listening, happy Friday, happy happy happy.

Setlist for 19th January:

Led Zeppelin – ‘Trampled Under Foot’ / This song is a classic grove from one of the best bands in music. Physical Graffiti is not for everybody but this song is definitely going to get you moving.

The Academic – ‘Bear Claws’ / A modern day hit from a young band just starting to get settled in the music world. Such a simple but effective set of hooks on this track. So good.

The Bad Bees – ‘Paled by the Mood’ / These guys turn for the strange but this song retains a lot of Poppy appeal to it to keep things sounding sweet. Very underrated cut from a pretty underrated EP too.

Little Star – ‘Providence’ / The Even In Dreams EP from Little Star is dead good, and this song kicks it off in a strong way. While the EP seems to embark on a musical journey of discovery I cannot help but return to this track each time.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – ‘Jubilee Street’ / I’ve always wanted to get into Nick Cave and at around 12am one Friday night I finally got it. Push The Sky Away is possibly the best starter album for anybody wishing to get into the darkest man in music and this track is arguably his happiest yet most depressing too. Superb track.

M’lynn – ‘Gave All My Love Away’ / Again, another song I normally wouldn’t listen to but I couldn’t help but dig it. Those pianos are dramatic as heck, those vocals are powerful beyond belief, and it just seems to get me right in the heart.

Sure Sure – ‘Giants’ / Another young band looking to move to the next level with their debut album, but it’s their new single that’s got me hooked. This is the burst of happiness anybody should need to make their day better, it’s so wonderful.

Alabama Shakes – ‘I Ain’t The Same’ / Recently got back into Alabama Shakes and this song used to feature heavily in my eardrums over the years. Everything from the guitars to the vocals just works so well. I love it.

Eagles of Death Metal – ‘Got The Power’ / One of my favourite bands of all time and they will always be the band I turn to for some fun listening.

Caper Parade – ‘Unless You Want Me To (Tutti Frutti)’ / What better way to end a playlist than with some modern day Funk? Everybody loves a bit of Funk, you cannot even deny it. Get dancing, get grooving, slap on them flares and get JIVING.

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