Hello! After two weeks away Sounds Good is back, and boy do we have a playlist for you this week! Ten brand new artists who you might not have heard from before, and all of them (aside from Tom Misch) have come straight out of our inbox! That’s exciting, and I hope you enjoy. Until next week, happy listening!

Good Sounds Playlist | 19.06.2018:

Goosebump – ‘She Don’t Say Goodbye’

SAVVIE – ‘Creature of Habit’

FLOAT – ‘Watch’

Burning House – ‘Peach’

Wes Allen – ‘Ask Me Now’

Rob Dickson – ‘Water Rushing In’

Benji Lewis – ‘Us Again’

Starling – ‘Profiteroles’

Yona Marie – ‘My Soulful Baby’

Tom Misch – ‘Watch Me Dance’

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