Good morning to your lovely faces! How are you? Welcome to another week of good music courtesy of the Good Sounds Playlist. I took a little break last week as I was getting too stressed from life and now feel chill as a bug in a rug…in a freezer. I don’t know. I haven’t written anything in a while.

Anyway, this week’s list is an absolute stonker complete with hot new bands and bands who you probably know already but deserve to wriggle into the ears just as much. I’ve become a huge fan of The Chats, The Kills and Smoky Knights lately, and absolutely adore the pants off of Pom Poko. The remaining acts are just as good too, but not as good as you! Enjoy.

Good Sounds Playlist | This week’s setlist:
Smoky Knights – ‘Feels Right’

The Chats – ‘Smoko’

She Drew The Gun – ‘Resister’

Pom Poko – ‘Follow the Lights’

The Kills – ‘Sour Cherry’

Mini Mansions – ‘Midnight in Tokyo’

Teen Ravine – ‘Above Average’

Pizzagirl – ‘gymnasium’

Jai Piccone – ‘Care’

Seafret – ‘Heartless’

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