Good Sounds Playlist | Another Mad Crab

Welcome to another week of the Good Sounds Playlist! 2018 is merely weeks away from closing and well, what a year it’s been. The music industry has truly outdone itself with the number of new artists and tunes it’s spewed out this year, and now I’m left wondering how 2019 can follow it up. Anyway, enjoy this week’s playlist! Please remember to follow it if you aren’t already, and share it with all your friends and family, especially in this festive season.

I’d personally like to thank BETA WAVES for the title of this week’s post, ‘Another Mad Club’ is a mind-melting exploration into the strange that blends beautifully to the closing moments of the equally melting ‘Shoot’ by White Room. I’d also like to say thanks to Baby FuzZ for the bluesy goodness of ‘I’m Still Holding Out for You’ AND the lovely The Hannah Barberas for the first Christmas song to be featured on the playlist. What a festive banger it is too.

Good Sounds Playlist | Another Mad Crab:

BETA WAVES – ‘Another Mad Crab’

Baby FuzZ – ‘I’m Still Holding Out for You’

Hush Mozey – ‘See Them Worrying’

PREP – ‘Don’t Look Back’

Cavey – ‘About to Start’

Curtsy – ‘Vista Del Mar’

Airplane Man – ‘Keep Movin’

Sam Dickinson – ‘Wild Sun’

Jeremy Tuplin – ‘Bad Lover’

Daniel Isaiah – ‘Javelin Fade’

The Hannah Barberas – ‘Oh Santa Claus!’

White Room – ‘Shoot’


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