Good Sounds Playlist | Capture the Moon

What’s happening my dudes? It’s time for another exciting dose of tunage to help make your Monday morning the best Monday morning of all time. This week’s Good Sounds Playlist is a rather varied blend of heavy hitting guitars laying down thunderous riffs whilst other songs wish to caress your pretty little head and tell you everything’s okay.

As always, thank you for all the support shown. The playlist has grown tremendously this year and has quickly become the most popular regular slot on Sounds Good, so thank you! If you do wanna help make it even more popular, then don’t be afraid to share it with all your buds and fam. Until next week!

Good Sounds Playlist:

Fade Awaays – ‘Get Along’

Far Caspian – ‘Blue’

KINGDOMS – ‘Capture the Moon’

OK Button – ‘Beds’

Beth Macari – ‘Boy’

AlphaCub – ‘Last Chance Romance’

Gone Gone Beyond – ‘You Can’t Go Wrong’

CALM – ‘Vivid’

Jamws – ‘Catalina’

Stray Fossa – ‘Sleeper Strip’

Robert Connely Farr & the Rebeltone Boys – ‘Ode to the Lonesome’

Mathew V – ‘Home’

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