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Welcome to the Good Sounds Playlist! Now that the first week back is out of the way, we can look forward to settling in and focus solely on bringing good music to your ears. Thank you to everybody who enjoyed last week’s Playlist (Partners In Crime). One of the more common comments we received regarding it was the amount of variety it had, so we’re determined to bring more of that this week.

This week’s playlist is called Ecstasy Queen, named after the superb new single from Daniel Ruiz. The slightly dusty guitar riffs and the Alex Turner-ish croons make us feel like part of a Western, so thank you Daniel for that. There’s also two debutants in the form of The Mistoos and Rule Of Young. “Girl (I Need You)” is a gloriously dramatic performance that does not sound like a band’s first offering at all, and Rule of Young’s “Surrender” is an equally powerful listen that makes us excited to hear more from this promising trio.

We’ve also got a couple tracks that hit hard on the dancefloor thanks to likes of Prodbear, SILENTSHOUT (The Knife reference, anyone?) and Screams From The Sun. Nigel Wright’s “Overcast” is a solid collision of grooves and guitars, which brings us nicely to the Indie sounds of Chateau Chateau and Farebrother. Last but not least are new singles from Peco, Jenna Lotti and GLNNA who bring sounds that a little less in your face but certainly left an impression on us. Peco’s “Monster” in particular strikes with a furious thunderbolt of sound that it leaves us a little dazed. It’s such a great progression of emotion that soon erupts into something proper ferocious. Thank you guys for bringing good music and good vibes to the Good Sounds Playlist this week!


The Mistoos – “Girl (I Need You)”

Daniel Ruiz – “Ecstasy Queen”

Nigel Wright – “Overcast”

SILENTSHOUT – “King of Nothing”

Prodbear – “I Feel You”

Chateau Chateau – “Evidence”

Peco – “Monster”

Jenna Lotti – “Nervous”

GLNNA – “Reasons (Acoustic)”

Farebrother – “I’d Be the Worst”

Rule Of Young – “Surrender”

Screams From The Sun – “The Battle”

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