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Whaddup? Welcome to another exciting week of the Good Sounds Playlist! As mentioned in last week’s post, I’ve decided to change up the titles so that each week is named after a particular song that appears on the playlist. It freshens things up, and adds a touch of personality to this week’s set of sounds too. That’s nice.

This week’s list features new singles from the likes of Akine, Future Generations and Charlie Belle, as well as concentrated bangers from the likes of Leyya and Luke Top, and the perfect closer from Honey Moon too. I hope you enjoy, and please do spread the word about the playlist and help it grow into a right big bastard. Cheers.

Good Sounds Playlist | Setlist:
Spirit Level – ‘Double Standard’

Luke Top – ‘I’ve Been Workin”

Akine – ‘Money in Your Mouth’

Charlie Belle – ‘Like I Love This’

Leyya – ‘Wannabe’

Sam Fischer & TheGifted – ‘Restless’

Coyle Girelli – ‘Love Kills’

Future Generations – ‘Suddenly’

Bushes – ‘Sunny Day Mood’

Honey Moon – ‘Yours, Girl’

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