Whaddup! Welcome to Monday. The clocks went back last night didn’t they? I was tremendously perplexed by the notion of waking up at 7am knowing full well that there was a VERY recent timeline that clocked (pun) it as 8am previously. But nevermind. Now the mornings are dark and the evenings are darker, and I will not experience sunlight for the rest of the year now. Bah humbug – at least this week’s Good Sounds Playlist is a banger though!

You may have noticed Sounds Good has been redesigned, and in doing this little lick of paint and moving furniture, I’ve finally been able to attach the playlist onto the homepage NO MATTER WHAT. Thank you to Dale of Peanut Mixtape and Callum of Full Volume for helping me out. Now that the playlist is constantly in the limelight, there’s no need to stick it in these posts – but I am more than happy to go through the lineups. So enjoy!!

I love the oddness of Bat Zuppel, the sweetness of Tall Shaves, the charming smoothness of Conan Grey and the unrelenting hotness of UNBLOOM. Unf. All ten artists are wonderful, and are definitely helping make my Monday morning much better. Thanks guys.

Good Sounds Playlist | Lost Myself:
Bat Zuppel – ‘She has a Light’

Johnny Kills – ‘Seems’

UNBLOOM – ‘Lost Myself’

Conan Gray – ‘Crush Culture’

Glass Spells – ‘Fascination’

The Bandicoots – ‘Shady Lane’


Tall Shaves – ‘Waking Me Up’

Party Fears – ‘Dog Star’

VanDeRocker – ‘Driftwood’

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