Whaddup! It’s that time again – the Good Sounds Playlist is here to bring you TWELVE HOT JAMS from TWELVE HOT BANDS. That’s right, I’ve expanded the amount of tracks from ten to twelve. Why? There’s just too much good music around these days. Honestly, 2018 has been one of the best years for music in a long while.

Anyway! This week’s list includes new singles from the likes of KAWALA, Avalanche Party, Orla Gartland and Tapes as well as tracks from artists you might not have heard of just yet. It’s a great day to have ears though! As let me introduce you to the likes of Helenor, yenss, Wyldest who are also dropping some sweet nuggets of noise. One act you might have definitely not heard of is Grow Rich – a band from INDONESIA who got in touch about their EP which I happened to enjoy really properly. Please note that the title of their track was going to be the name of the blog post but sometime told me to resist that. It’s a gem though!

Here is the full lineup of this week’s Good Sounds Playlist. Enjoy:

Psychic Love – ‘Go Away Green’

Orla Gartland – ‘Between My Teeth’

Grow Rich – ‘Poo She Whack On’

Avalanche Party – ‘Million Dollar Man’

yenss – ‘Explore’

Ry Jones – ‘Choose’

Wyldest – ‘Headrush’

Louis III – ‘Excuses’

Dot Dash – ‘Fast Parade’

Tapes – ‘Last Cigarette’

Helenor – ‘Bloodshot Eyes’

KAWALA – ‘Moonlight’

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