Howdy boys & girls, how’s it going? It’s only bloody Monday, so here’s another week’s worth of good music and good vibes to SINK THOSE EARS INTO. This week’s setlist has a little bit of grit to it, with a number of the twelve songs featured offering up a riff or two to really get you up and about on a Monday morning.

Big thank you to Jade the Moon for providing the title of this week’s post, Glass Phantoms for the riffs, mxmtoon for the cute vibes, both The High Loves and Little Brother Eli for the upbeat grooves and EEVAH for the very supportive email. All twelve acts are dead good, and HEY! Remember to follow and share the Good Sounds Playlist with all the people you love, and I will love you forever. Alright? Okay cool. Thanks! ENJOY.

Polaroids and Airplanes setlist:

Jade The Moon – ‘Polaroids and Airplanes’

Collin Russell Mullins – ‘Wish You Were My Lover’

Glass Phantoms – ‘Let Me Go’

Little Brother Eli – ‘Oops’

The Greys – ‘Family Band’

SHY Nodi – ‘No Vibe’

LOVE SICK – ‘Predictable’

Great Health – ‘Lazarus (Silian Rail)’

Betty Moon – ‘Waste Your Time’

mxmtoon – ‘i feel like chet’

The High Loves – ‘Serotonin’

EEVAH – ‘Can’t Breathe’

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