Polluted is the debut EP from Grace-Attalie. Now, this is usually the section in which we expand upon who the artist is, but not this time. Minimal content was received in the submission email – no bio, no press photos. Just a simple hello and link to stream the EP is all we got, and that helped make the experience of listening to this beauty even better. So come along, join us into the unknown as we check out Polluted, together.

Described as a “voyage of intriguing rhythmic and mesmerising cadences” not only does it illustrate the EP in a way we could only dream of, but it’s also pretty spot on. The sliding arrival of guitar opens up “Eggshell” but shifts immediately into a vibrant eruption of Latin-inspired percussion and rhythm. Grace-Attalie’s biggest trait is her vocal, which she uses to breathe harmony into the wind – offering up all sorts of hooks and grooves right from the mouth. The result is a sound that swings at the hip and casts a look to the shredding guitars out in the distance.

“Standards” builds upon the introduction with an instrumental that’s subtle yet full of elements. The soft beats of the drum, the sketchy riffs and the almost-silent basslines provide enough of a foundation for Grace to once again fill the remaining space with her on-point vocals. Finally, it all comes to a head as “Sombre Storm” closes the EP with one last hurrah that’s not only a final celebration of the sounds we’ve heard before, but an instrumental that’s undeniably sexy.

Polluted is a fantastic EP from Grace-Attalie. Despite it’s brief lifespan, it’s an EP that leaves a lasting impression. Each song offers up some of the most original sounds we’ve heard in a while, and we cannot get enough of it.


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