Grace Gillespie / “Omey” / Kaleidoscope Sessions

The Kaleidoscope Sessions is a series of live videos from Kaleidoscope Music. Featuring artists from within and outside of their roster, these are some stripped back performances that provide a new perspective on already great songs. Grace Gillespie is the latest artist to have a sesh as she performs “Omey”, a single from her latest EP Pretending.

What I love most about these sessions is that they give a new insight into songs. This performance strips back the layers just a touch to allow the subtle chord changes to be heard more, giving the chance to hear exactly how much groove they contribute to the mix. Grace’s vocals follow the same rhythm, and direct the song into its biggest moments. The quick change in drums is really impressive, and the added piano really helps flesh things out too.

Have a watch of “Omey” below and be sure to subscribe to Kaleidoscope Music’s YouTube channel to be notified of future Kaleidoscope Sessions. Make sure to check out Grace Gillespie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too.

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