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You know, music doesn’t always have to be serious. Sometimes it can be used as a tool to have a good day, a nice escape into something silly. There’s no need for existential thoughts and fear of the unknown all the time. Grotbags is a Pop Punk band from Manchester and this is their self-titled debut album. Boasting song titles such as “Hiya” and “Biya” and an email that consisted of the following: “We write stupid pop songs about very important issues like oversized offspring, fried eggs, wagging off work, snogging, and blasting TERFs into space.”, I’ve a feeling this is going to be rather serious.

Rather smartly, Grotbags kicks off with “Hiya”. I can’t believe it’s taken nearly twenty seven years of hearing myself referred as a C WORD in a song before, but I dig it. It’s a bold way to introduce yourself, and this is just the start. We’ve got songs about the aforementioned and dogging to come yet. That’s the thing, what’s the dogging etiquette? Do you wear nametags? Bring some biscuits? Who knows.

In spite of the c bombs, this record is one that comes with some serious entertainment value. I love the fuzzy guitars that bulldoze their way through “Muscle Touch” and “Cute” which really put the instrument on the forefront, although the band aren’t afraid to throw a couple harmonies and hooks into the mix. The scrappy melodies of “Alarm Clock”, the defiant voice of “Puke” and the surprisingly runny, boiled for 3 to 4 minutes riffs of “Fried Eggs” – there’s something in each song that makes them memorable, regardless of their short lifespan.

Grotbags is an album that doesn’t take itself too seriously and simply exists to have fun, and because of that it makes for fantastic listening. It’s gloriously dumb in attitude, but excels in musicality that create some thrilling moments throughout.

Listen to “Tinder Surprise” below and check out Grotbags on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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