Every now and then something lands in the inbox that envelops my world and becomes a new obsession and makes me NEED to share it with all of you right away. “Waited Long Enough” is the new single from Halia Jack, a debutant from North London who is set to also release her debut EP Dreamland at the close of summer.

Incorporating hints and notes from genres such as Jazz, Neo-Soul and Funk, this new single boasts a sound that’s rather relaxed in tempo but full of depth. Broad synthesisers create a vacuum for further synths to produce melodies that swirl into the atmosphere, bubbling basslines that add texture and groove to the mix, subdued drums that subtly build upon the groove and Halia’s vocals that dance amongst the layers beautifully. Themes of heartache build lyricism that relates so much, and creates a chorus that slips itself into the mind.

“Waited Long Enough” is a phenomenal single from Halia Jack, and she is someone you need to keep an eye on. To have a sound as assured as this in a debut is astounding, and I’m hoping that we all hear more from Halia very soon. Summer could not close soon enough.


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