Hannah Stewart ¦ leaves us feeling sticky with new single “Glaze”

Hannah Stewart has been a busy bee this year. 2019 has seen the release of her debut EP Hsmd and another as part of duo Inanna, single “Hotter Exposed” in June and now a sticky little number in new single “Glaze”. Productivity is something Hannah eats for breakfast, and her output is songs with titles that make me wish to eat them, but let’s save the consuming for our ears.

“Glaze” kicks off with industrial drums and moody basslines to set a strong groove in motion, as swipes of percussion slice their way across the layers to produce an instrumental that’s experimental but full of rhythm. Hannah’s vocals direct the track as they float amongst the sounds, fulfilling it into becoming a proper behemoth of strange, weird, off-kilter belter of a listen. “Glaze” is strange in all the right places, and has me dancing in all the right places too. This new song has made a fan out of me and I’m excited to hear where Hannah takes her sound next.

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