Do you ever hear a song and immediately know that you’re in love with it, and you’re going to be listening to it straight for the next 24-48 hours? That’s what HAUNTER brings to the table with their first single Love You Better. Blending pop with alternative and a splash of synth, HAUNTER gifts us a pretty eclectic and versatile song.

Released on Valentine’s Day (which, Valentine’s Day really brings us the best music, in my humble opinion), HAUNTER doesn’t give us a love song, nor do they give us a break up song. They do us one better, they give us a real and relatable song dealing with the fallout of a relationship. While, yes, technically it is a break up song, it’s more three-dimensional than your standard “they cheated on me” or “I’m better than them” that we get in most break up songs (not that there’s anything wrong with those ideas, however).

We really get the best of both worlds with this song. We get the satisfaction that a break up song gives us, while also getting some semblance of positivity, which we don’t often get with breakup songs. While we get lines like “you have to save yourself” we also get the line in the chorus saying “and if it’s now or never, someone’s gonna love you better”. Now, there’s so much to unpack in that one line, which speaks volumes to the lyrics of this song. There’s the bitter sentiment that follows a breakup in the possibility of the person never finding love, but there’s the aspect of almost hope for that person’s happiness in “someone’s gonna love you better”.

The song doesn’t portray one standard feeling or situation, and I believe that’s what makes it so real. HAUNTER gives us the multitudes of a breakup in a roughly three minute song. Not only do they bring us that, but they also bring us those feelings and multitudes in one of the most infectious songs I’ve heard in quite some time, leaving me eager to hear what else HAUNTER has up their sleeves.

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