Heavyman – ‘Loose Lips’ / New Single

Heavyman return with new single ‘Loose Lips’. Having tackled societal divides and Orwellian themes on ‘Pigs’, the London band move towards throwing middle fingers to those who crave gossip and lap up false information like it’s sweet, sweet nectar. Foolish people. Nobody wants to be a Bee that’s misinformed.

Having heard crushing instrumentals from Heavyman before, ‘Loose Lips’ is a welcome surprise in being their catchiest song yet. Without stripping away the hard-edged steel of guitars entirely, the single has a solid focus towards the dancefloor, maintaining a steady gaze as it struts its way to the floor. The riffs have a serious groove to them, colliding wonderfully with bouncing bass notes to create a stomping one-two combo that is hard to resist.

I love how loose it sounds and the way each instrument expresses personality throughout, especially in the drums. Those rolling beats really add to the Bluesy feel of the song. It makes for great listening and creates a strong contrast against the lyrics which are direct in calling out all those silly, silly Bees.

Heavyman have once again caught my attention. ‘Loose Lips’ is a fantastic listen and easily the band’s most accessible to date. Very excited to hear who they call out next…in a not-gossipy way…

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