Heavyman – ‘Pigs’ / New Single

Heavyman return with new single ‘Pigs’. It follows on from their sizzling debut ‘Baby Jean’ and looks to throw some more noisy noise into your face. The song is about the strong division we see in various forms around the world, and somehow sounds more relevant today than when it was actually written back in 2014. The title also comes from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, which also remains one of the most relevant books of our time. I hate how that’s true.

With such a strong topic ‘Pigs’ needed to be a hard-hitting listen. Fortunately it succeeds at this in a big way. Its instrumental is filled with mammoth-sized guitars, riffing thick walls of noise right into the ears. There’s also a focus on groove as these blocks of sound offer up little hints of rhythm throughout, really helping the track stick into the mind. I really like the vocals and how massive they sound, especially towards the closing moments when everything gets proper LOUD.

‘Pigs’ by Heavyman is, well, heavy, man. It is a strong collision to the skull, throwing tight riffs and lyrics through the airwaves. It’s a great song, and leaves me feeling excited to hear what Heavyman do next.

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