Alright, so quite a while ago I discovered the extortionate fees some PR companies were charging artists and tweeted about it. It offended me so much to see people who live in the industry of promoting new artists charge thousands of pounds to help out said artists, but anyway…I said I’d start writing press kits in exchange for a Lion Bar and well, Hemmingway got in touch. No Lion Bar transaction took place, but I just really like their new single ‘Sunshine’.

The duo blend a nice mix of electronic and rock together to create a sound that’s full of catchy, accessible elements but just has that slight hint of edge to it to keep things exciting. ‘Sunshine’ is exactly that – it’s pummelling synths forever pulsating against the tension building vocals, before exploding into choruses filled with melodies and harmonies to really ramp up with a summery little tune it is. It’s great, and I’m excited to hear more from Hemmingway soon.

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