‘Kitchen Floor (4am)’ is the new single from Herbal Tea, the solo moniker of Helena Walker, one half of the excellent Sleep Radio. Personally when I’m out on the kitchen floor at 4am I’m either popping a couple paracetamol and hoping to fall back to sleep, or I’m stumbling about after a night of drinking hoping to find the right ingredients to make a grilled cheese. Either way, it’s bliss.

With an intimate setting, ‘Kitchen Floor (4am)’ revels in it’s DIY environment. The slightly lo-fi sound allows the guitar to crunch ever so slightly with each strum, while additional layers of it seem to wash over the instrumental from time to time. It’s laid back tempo allows everything to flow naturally and just makes for some good listening. I love the steady introductions of piano and fuzzy guitars too. It’s just all so good.

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