Hey Judy ¦ new single “Takes Too Long”

“Takes Too Long” is the new single from Hey Judy. It comes from their newly released second album What Now which is quite the hoot. The song is about a sister-in-law’s inability to make a decision, and boy have we all been there? My other half is awful when it comes to making decisions on what she’d like for dinner. Often it results in me naming every cuisine in the world and ultimately ends in us making boeuf bourguignon again. What do you mean “is there something I want to talk about?”

This little track blitzes apart the airwaves with a frantic performance comprised of floaty harmonies, scrappy guitar riffs and a nice wedge of passive aggressiveness. It gives me real Moldy Peaches vibes, and that’s happiness in my soul I’m eternally grateful for. Hey Judy have blended together elements of being laid back with the urgency of wanting a decision and created something that’s punchy, fun and in need of repeated listens. What a great song this is.

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