Hips don’t lie with their debut EP | Swoon

You know, you wouldn’t expect to hear music that’s smooth as butter from three lads donned in all black outfits, masks and ski goggles but here we are. Swoon is the debut EP from Hips, and this Swedish trio look to bring some upbeat happiness into our lives. They immediately put themselves on the map with “Loose Tonight”. Their first single brought a dramatic flair to your everyday love song, and with it’s warm basslines and simply addictive chorus hooks, it’s not hard to see why listeners quickly became fans.

This idyllic formula is used throughout the EP as “Upsidown” kicks it off with a dazzling display of feel good vibes. All about the initial rush of falling in love at first sight, the instrumental is a bouncing performance of vibrant synths and drums. It encapsulates the rush of emotions that come with a sudden infatuation perfectly. “Laugh” takes this further as the feelings settle and there’s a full blown insatiable obsession letting loose in the lyrics, with a breathy air to it that could match any Mayer Hawthorne song, whilst “Love Letter” closes out Swoon with one final performance that throws all sorts of butterflies into your stomach.

A strong Prince influence runs right through each of the tracks and the result is a seriously entertaining, upbeat listen. Hips’ debut EP is a sweet exploration of love and lust and everything in-between. And now we’re in love with it too.

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