Hivemind – ‘Medicine’ / New Single

Hivemind are back with new single ‘Medicine’. I first heard of the Sunderland quartet last year back when they released ‘Knees & Toes’ and recall being dead impressed. Now enough time has passed for the ears to stop ringing, they might be prepared to hear the sheer riffage of ‘Medicine’. Spoiler alert, they’re not.

Rather than aiming straight for the face, ‘Medicine’ lures you in first. With a bassline caked in filth and buzzing against the steely drums, the intro delivers a fuzzy rhythm that’s hard to resist and fills the room instantly. It sets a good foundation, allowing melodic guitars to chime in with spacious chords that envelops the track in a gloomy atmosphere. The verses move along with Georgia McRae’s vocals, singing lyrics detailing how love is the medicine and the overwhelming feeling it has. It means that the song is in constant motion, creating huge moments of sound for the chorus that really land well. This works especially well towards the closing half of the song, where Hivemind bring a series of riffs to the forefront, replacing the atmospheric sound with an urgency that really hits hard.

‘Medicine’ is a great song from Hivemind. It illustrates the chaos of love, and the band pair open-hearted lyrics with an instrumental that’s full of intensity and emotion. It has a hold over me that’ll be hard to shake.

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