Holly Ann’s New EP After All of This Time

Holly Ann is a musician from Portland and this is her new EP After All of This Time. Last week we featured and subsequently fell in love with her single “Say So”, meaning that we were excited to hear more from this lady who stole our heart.

What made us enjoy “Say So” was its blend of soft harmonies against traditionally Indie tropes. The atmosphere swelled with gorgeous harmonics and dissipated at the edges with shimmering cymbals, topped with Holly’s vocals. A shredding guitar solo tore through the layers to provide depth to the lyricism, resulting in a rather complete listen.

This formula is reflected throughout After All of This Time as its opening track “I Shall Not Be Moved” eases itself into the ears with piano and vocals, flowing nicely at a mid-tempo pace. Depth is deepened beautifully with the bloom in sound after the execution of the line “You can hold me if you want to/I shall not be moved”, providing the first hard-hitting moment of the EP.

“Dreamers” and “Main St.” allow melodies to take the spotlight, as piano and guitars elope to form a beautiful obstacle for Holly’s voice to meander through. This is expanded further on “I Want to Go (Somewhere Else)” as harmonies soar beyond idyllic sounds, finally leading nicely into the bittersweet goodbye of “I Still Want You”.

Holly Ann is created something fantastic with her new EP. After All of This Time brings a sound built with a consistent formula, but dazzles it with harmonies and melodies that are given enough freedom to produce some truly beautiful moments throughout. Holly’s voice and the lyricism remain a constant highlight, and the EP is a record you can return to over and over.

Listen to After All of This Time below, and connect with Holly Ann on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

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