Picture this: you’re tucked up in bed late Christmas Eve. Midnight’s approaching but you’re far too excited to fall asleep. Suddenly you hear a creak at the door. You jump out of bed as soon as your mind clocks that it could well be Big Man Santa, and head downstairs. “Santa? Is that you fam?” NOPE. IT’S ONLY BLOODY HOLLY REES, THE FESTIVE COWBOY. YEE-HO-HO-HO.

Throw some tinsel on your spurs because Holly’s released a glorious cover of ‘Last Christmas’. It does a good job keeping the biggest parts of the original but chucks them through the low-key, intimate vibe of Holly’s sound to make it much more personal. The instrumental has a little fuzz from the guitars, adding a lo-fi touch to the main melody which floats throughout. Holly’s vocals fit seamlessly with the mix, and it just makes for a real nice time.

New Holly Rees music was top of my Christmas list this year and I’m glad she’s delivered. Her version of ‘Last Christmas’ pays a fitting homage to the original but also stands firmly as its own. Christmas is saved.

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