Holly Rees’ Stonking Live EP ¦ Text Me When You Get There

Holly Rees is currently in the midst of conquering Canada; bringing her set of super sad, intimate songs along for a tour that has exceeded into a 40 date behemoth, which includes a performance at Canadian Music Week. In order to do this, Holly launched an IndieGoGo campaign that not only reached its goal in pretty swift time but also launched her new EP, Text Me When You Get There. The live EP of her farewell performance showcases everything that makes Holly so accessible, relatable, and very much in need of returning to the UK ASAP.

Featuring a setlist composed of tracks from the Ilex and Slow Down EPs, Text Me When You Get There brings a different vibe to songs that were solely Holly and her guitar, adding a live band to the likes of “Better” and “His Thermos Song” which transforms them completely, shifting them into a Neutral Milk Hotel collision of feelings without stripping away the intimacy of Holly’s lyrics. The likes of “Arms” and “Toast” remain as solely Holly tracks, retaining their fragile themes and pushing the emotion into our hearts. “Arms” in particular really shines through, making us weep with each listen.

Text Me When You Get There is a superb live EP. Its pristine production allows you to feel right there in the audience every time, and showcases Holly’s ability to write some truly heart wrenching material that can work as both songs for a solo act and a full band. The occasional cuts of stage banter also bring a lot of personality to the EP too, making this farewell show one that never truly says goodbye.

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