Love Me / Love Me Not is the new album from HONNE, perhaps responsible for one of the biggest surprise breakthrough records in recent times. 2016’s Warm on a Cold Night came out of nowhere with a series of hits and hooks that seemed to glitch their way into your mind, and it’s follow up record shows no sign of stopping to take a look around at HONNE’s new found stature.

With the new record split into two – the first half all about the rush of falling in love and the second all about the crush of falling out of it – HONNE seem happy to throw some much needed depth into their sound. The first half kicks off with ‘I Might’, a track with a simple hook that’s filled with glitching synths that seems to stutter it’s point across, before Love Me slips into the smooth sounds of ‘Me & You’, which features Sounds Good favourite Tom Misch. Tom’s recognisable jazz chords meander through the track, helping boost the track into a wondrous anthem all about falling in love. It’s dead nice.

As you’d probably expect, the nicer side of the record is upbeat, full of larger than life tracks complete with expansive instrumentals and an overwhelming sense of everything is going to be alright. ‘Day 1’ and ‘Feels So Good’ are some of the sweetest cuts on the record. So, as with most things in life, surely it must be too good to be true? Oh for sure. Cue Love Me Not.

‘Location Unknown’ kicks off the darker side of the record with a darker synth sound, and a dual vocal of HONNE and collaborator Georgia depicting lyrics of thinking about you, and not feeling right without you. It’s a sudden punch to the heart, but HONNE do maintain some of the light-heartedness in the instrumental to make the transition feel somewhat smooth. It’s only until the subdued sounds of ‘Crying Over You’ that we realise that, shit, something’s not so nice has happened here.

Love Me / Love Me Not is a superb album from HONNE. I think most people underestimated how much depth the duo could bring to their music and well, with this conceptual record they have certainly proved that they can throw all sorts of depth to their sound. Despite the split in themes, the music of the new record is vibrant, catchy and engaging throughout. I was surprised to see ‘Just Dance’ not be part of this as it’s a proper belter, but nice work lads.

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