Hello Hot Plastic! These guys are a trio from Jersey over in the wonderful, ominous Channel Islands and this is their debut single ‘Keep Up’. Now, I shouldn’t have to say this but in 9/10 cases, hot plastic is very dangerous stuff but this particular kind? It’s pretty great. Not to say this is 1/10, but this is the only one designed to make you dance.

‘Keep Up’ is a groove machine from start to finish. Jangly riffs, disco-frantic drums and smoooooooooooooth bassline come together to produce a sound that makes the ears scream with excitement, and the hips primed and ready to shake. It’s a blast from the get-go, and I wish to be blasted by it all.the.time. I love the blend of indie rock and disco traits alongside the high tempo which maintains pace throughout. Kind of like the Mo Farah of music.

Yep, it’s decided. I like this song, and I like Hot Plastic. Now if you excuse me, I’ve got some melting to do.

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