Hunger Moon return with their new and second single of the year, ‘Promises’. It continues the narrative heard on previous single ‘Patience’, providing further insight into the final moments of a diminishing relationship. This intimate listen also sees the Birmingham duo explore a dual vocal approach, utilising creativity to further emotion.  

“Little promises kept getting broken, causing a lack of trust between us.” says Natalie Jenkins “The relationship began to feel less ‘real’ and more of a label”. This is reflected beautifully on ‘Promises’. Slow, timid strums of guitar ring out melodies throughout the song, illustrating the fragility of promises. The dual vocals work really well, allowing both individuals to state there are issues while Natalie’s vocals provide her thoughts too. It creates layers to the sound that adds to its depth, and the way they seem to float amongst the instrumental is wonderful.

‘Promises’ is a song that catches the heart. It has an amazing ability to make you feel everything that was felt by Natalie at the time, and that makes it become one of the most relatable songs around. I love how articulated the emotions are, and the flood of noise that comes from the instrumental back it up well. Great track.

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