Husk is back with his new single “Feeling Heat”. We witnessed the Manchester artist’s arrival into music with the release of debut single “Could You Forgive Me” back in May and immediately became in need of hearing more from him. Having newly signed to AnalogueTrash, we’re excited to hear what this promising artist does next.

Much like “Could You Forgive Me” the instrumental in “Feeling Heat” has a strong influence to old school Disco. Dazzling synths and syncopated percussion delivers a sound that pays homage to the 80’s. A strong calypso vibe immediately fills the room with a bright, vibrant atmosphere boosted nicely by guitars and basslines that are groovy beyond belief. Husk’s vocals dance through the layers, adding further hooks to the mix to ensure that the single becomes a serious earworm.

Listen to “Feeling Heat” below and check out Husk on Facebook and Twitter.

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