I Am HER / New Single – “Big Monster”

I had a nightmare last night. I was at work and received an email from a local news station. They had got in touch to ask for a quote to a piece they’re doing on one of our processes, which I’d initially swatted away with something vague and inoffensive. They weren’t happy with that, so pressed for a better answer. For some reason that prompted me to say that “it sucks and it smells”, which they then published to the world. It was odd, bizarre and fooled me into believing that it actually happened.

I felt like a big monster which, oddly enough, is also the name of I am HER’s new single. After releasing debut album Herstory back in 2018, the duo finally return with some new music that firmly gets the band back into our ears. It’s a song that fills the room with tension, allowing an ominous acoustic riff to fill the speakers with an air of lo-fi gloom. This is soon met with Julie Riley’s vocals which draw out each syllable and loom in the air. Fortunately this build-up of tension is released in a mammoth display of noise that’s driven by heavy drums and energetic distortion. It’s great and a great way for I am HER to reintroduce themselves to the world.

Listen to “Big Monster” below and check out I am HER on Facebook and Twitter.   

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