I See Rivers / New Single – ‘How’

‘How’ is the new single from I See Rivers, a trio from Norway who are building a steady buzz about them. With their debut album set to be released in September, now’s the perfect time to drench yourself in their seamlessly poppy sound, starting with this wonderful new single.

The trio’s main weapon in their vast arsenal of sound is their vocals. Three crystalline voices that contribute and complement one another so well, often allowing one to lead the song while the others provide backing vocals and harmonies to project it as far and as wide as possible. ‘How’ a great example of this, as the vocals seem to envelop and flow beautifully between the layers of sound. The instrumental is also well-crafted too, remaining vibrant yet subtle enough to not take too much from the vocals. I love the analogue drone of the synthesisers, especially paired with the lighter-than-air melodies.

How’ is the new single from I See Rivers? It’s great. One of the best singles of the year. It is a bright, colourful listen, and one that is seemingly not being replicated elsewhere. I See Rivers are rightfully receiving a lot of attention right now, and it’s easy to see why.

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