In Earnest / Debut Single – “Put Me Under”

In Earnest is a trio from Essex and this is their debut single “Put Me Under”. It’s a song that details the struggle of dealing with anxiety and depression, and the feeling of being overwhelmed by it. The result is a beautifully-written song that provides one of the strongest introductions to a band I’ve heard in a while.

Considering its heavy topic, “Put Me Under” does a wonderful job at bringing some light heartedness into the lyrics with references to eating too much ice cream and binge-watching TV. Something I certainly do on a regular basis. It makes it easier to become invested in the song, which already succeeds at grabbing your attention with its ethereal instrumental and excellent vocals that fill the room. I really like the way the vocals soon entwine with one another towards the end, meandering through the layers of acoustic guitar as the electric guitar continues to widen the atmosphere.

“Put Me Under” is a wonderful song. In Earnest have delivered a debut that’s full of personality, emotion and a depth I cannot help but fall into. Listen to the song below and check out In Earnest on Facebook and Instagram.

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