In Earnest / New Single – ‘Come Upstairs’

In Earnest follow up an excellent debut with the equally heartbreaking ‘Come Upstairs’.

In Earnest return with new single ‘Come Upstairs’. It follows the trio’s debut ‘Put Me Under’ which tore the heartstrings with an account of band member Sarah’s struggle with mental health. It was a stark, honest performance that really made their introduction stand out. ‘Come Upstairs’ tells a different story, allowing the perspective of Sarah’s partner and other band member, Thomas, to be heard.  

‘Come Upstairs’ is a fascinating listen that really illustrates the relationship between the two. It’s wildly different from ‘Put Me Under’, showcasing Thomas’s vocals and hitting harder with guitars that seem to unravel before you. The lyrics supports the emotions heard on the debut while also injecting some of Thomas’s thoughts and feelings. The pressure of being the supportive partner, the fear of being unable to keep it together. It really fleshes out what has been a challenging time for the couple. I love the addition of Sarah’s vocals and the inclusion of strings during the biggest moments, it adds an extra element to the song that shows that they’re both in it together.

Once again, In Earnest leave me a mess. ‘Come Upstairs’ is a beautiful song that boldly discusses the topic of mental health, and provides a fresher take on it with the partner’s perspective.

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