Hot Plastic are a trio from Jersey in the Channel Islands and soon they’ll be releasing new single “Time Bomb” on August 9th. The band has been responsible for dropping some of the catchiest collisions of sound into my ears for a while now, and “Time Bomb” will be no exception. They’ve also been very kind and had an interview to discuss the new single, how they’ve enjoyed their first full year and even reveal the best way to get to the Channel Islands! What a pure set of individuals. Huge thanks to Jon & Hot Plastic for doing this, and make sure to check out their new single “Time Bomb” on August 9th.


Hey Hot Plastic, how’s it going? Hey Adam! The weather’s hot, the beers are cold. So I guess we’re great. How’s it going with you? (I’M GREAT LADS)

You’re over halfway into your debut year. How’re you finding it? On a scale of pretty good debut years to good good debut years, we’d give it a solid 8/10.  Haha.  Nah we’ve put out three singles and partied with loads of fun people here in the Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey and Sark) as well as making it over to the mainland for a string of dates back in April/May.  We were over again to play Bearded Theory festival too, that was wild.

Next month you’ll be releasing your new single “Time Bomb”. What can you tell us about it? We can tell you it is going to be out on 9th August, exploring themes of intrigue and infatuation.

It’ll be your fourth single of 2019. Could we expect it to sound similar to your previous releases? Time Bomb is our most raucous tune.  It’s definitely more of an aural assault than our previous releases, but we still hope the chorus is something you can yell along to.  Expect those big beats and brutal guitars. 

Do you reckon Jaws should’ve had that many sequels? It turns out you can have too much of a good thing.

Could we expect to hear a substantial release from you guys at some point? Absolutely – we’re keen to drop some vinyl especially.  We’ve got a couple more singles to put out first while we explore our sound and introduce our music to a few new audiences, but we’re saving our best songs to put out there in some more substantial form sometime next year.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? More of a top tip for anyone keen to make the trip across the English Channel: the Condor ferry is best enjoyed with a couple of beers on the observation deck. You’re welcome.

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