“Such a process to re-create the original magic of a demo.” | An Interview With Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt

Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt has been a staple for me. Over the years of writing about music, HiaHC has been the one constant element in amongst the chaos of getting to grips with the blogging industry, changing blog names and wondering if it was worth it. It’s gotten to the point where neither of us can stop until the other dies at this rate, and that’s a connection I never thought I’d get from music blogging.

Having recently released new album Vegas of Feelings not too long ago, it’s been quite the experience watching Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt grow and progress as I have, so I’m very pleased to bring an interview with him to your eyeballs. Enjoy.

P.S. It was ridiculously hard to resist sticking “It was a pain in the ass and a miracle it came out.” in the title as the quote to lure you in. See? Growth.

Hey Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt, how’s it going? It’s going well. Drinking a beer and playing piano a lot these days.

I know we’re well acquainted, but how did you get into music? Playing air guitar on a yard stick. Early morning music videos before school via MTV. A few friends that burned me some random CDs that sparked some interest (Pedro the Lion and Weezer albums).

You’ve recently released a new album in Vegas Of Feelings. What can you tell us about it? It was a pain in the ass and a miracle it came out. I had met a guy who said he could record me in a legit studio. I had never done that and having access to stuff like isolation chambers, vintage organs, and weird guitars seemed cool. But the limitations of the situation and ability to producer/mix led to a lot of wasted time and money.

We couldn’t give the songs the right treatment and couldn’t really get what I wanted. So I essentially gave up with that method and when I got the stems for the songs to do it myself, I had to kind of abandon most of them. I tried to piece ‘em together but wasn’t happy. We technically recorded a whole album there of 12 songs…but only 4 of them made the album from those sessions (the last 4 on Vegas of Feelings which are acoustic/piano). 

It was a cool experience though as I was able to record a piano song on a grand, use a super rad Hammon B3, and a vintage Gibson SG for the record. 6 months later I set up my own studio and I recorded the rest of the album myself. I had some close friends (Zach Vouga and Nick Donlin of Midnight Garden) mix them and put in some instruments (drums and keys) and thus the album was finished. Close to two years after the initial attempt. Rather long process.

Already dead has always been very willing to work with me and my weird ideas and they were on board for the cool packaging and casino theme.

This is your fourth album now. What have you learnt over the years when it comes to making music? The writing part isn’t hard, it is the recording. Such a process to re-create the original magic of a demo. Also no one cares.

What can you tell us about the album’s title? To me, a Vegas of Feelings would be something that’s all lights and no depth. Am I close? ehhh not really. The title track (along with the phrase) sums up the feelings of a stupid amount of invincibility. It’s like having all of the odds for you but not caring. You’re on cloud nine and the interests, problems, or motives of others don’t matter. I wrote it spending a decent amount of time in Vegas and LA. Meeting people trying to impress you or get something from you… I just didn’t care. “I don’t need your number and I don’t care who you are”. I’m doing my own thing, life is good, I don’t care if you do this or work with this person or blah blah blah, screw off… I’m fine. I don’t know if that makes sense.

What have you been listening to these days? Right now? Jim James- Eternal, great album with a central musical theme that somehow slipped passed me on its release. Chris Bell- I am the cosmos has resurfaced for me. Dr Dog- easy beat. Gram Parsons’ Brass buttons demo gives me chills. Say Sue me is a great Korean indie rock band. Sugar Babe- Songs… amazing Japanese indie pop.

There is a song by the band Montero called Montero air lines with an outstanding chorus. If they didn’t have the idea already I’d make a whole album with a theme of an airline. Insecure men put out an album recently that is super original… same with the band Cut Worms. Neil Young’s Tonights the Night… specifically mellow my mind is great.

What’s next for Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt in 2018? Nothing. Just sitting on a lot of songs. I wrote a mini album in the style of The Beta Band/Spiritualized that was pretty interesting but don’t know if I’ll do anything with it. Also have a bunch of piano songs now as that has become my new interest. I am in a project called Weird Neighbours that will put out an album in 2019 I believe. Other than that… nothing at the moment.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? Check out this band.

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