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Florian Rose launched his debut single ‘Pomegranate Boy’ back in July, and now we’ve had the pleasure of having an interview with him! In this interview, we discussed how Florian got into music, the origins of ‘Pomegranate Boy’ and perhaps most important of all, his preferred technique of opening Pomegranates.

Hey Florian Rose, how’s it going? Hi! Thanks for having me. I’m… well, as good as one can be with a global pandemic out there and social injustices being the daily talk. But at least they’re being acknowledged and I think that’s good. It’s been a baffling time, but I think it’s propitious to reflect about one’s privileges, disadvantages and to question what we are contributing to the world in a humane perspective.

Lately I’ve been working on soothing and nostalgic music, that has been a bubble that sort of consoles me from this whole thing, and I hope that it can be the same for the people that listen to it.

How did you get into music? Music has always been very important in my family. Whenever we gather there’s a guitar and someone singing. I have a lot of siblings; we all had music classes when we were children. Three of them work on things related to music today, but I never really did anything of sorts until recently. I had this idea that I wasn’t good at music, I still do honestly, but I realised that I always wanted to give it a shot, tell my stories and create an aesthetically pleasing world to surround it all. With everything going on I’m like “the world is ending so… I better do it now”.

You released your debut single ‘Pomegranate Boy’ in July. What can you tell us about it? It’s the first song I wrote… I mean, I had tried before but I was too judgy with myself, always discarded everything I did and nothing ever felt authentic. With ‘Pomegranate Boy’ I tried having a more open approach to writing, without being mean, letting things just be what they are, and it flowed out so easily. Then I started teaching myself music production and I did the mix, master, added sound effects to create a dreamy landscape that suited the lyrics.

Storywise it’s a song about young love, about the cycle of falling in and out of it, and how sometimes we are mean to the ones we love but not out of evil or pettiness, just because we didn’t know any better at that time, cause we were trying to be fun, and flirty, and mischievous… I don’t know why I say “we” maybe that was just me haha, but based on the response it’s something that a lot of people experienced during their teenage years.

I still have tons to learn and develop as an artist, but I ended up liking the result a lot and I think the song represents what I’m doing, it’s an invitation into my imagery, my personality, and the stories that I’ll be telling onwards, as well as a taste of my sound.

How’d it feel to drop that first single? It was great, but it was also a very painful process. I suffer from anxiety and I doubt myself quite a lot. I wasn’t comfortable with it until people started reacting to the song with very kind and sweet comments. The blogs I started pitching to, like yours, had great things to say about it, and that caught me off guard, but in the nicest way. It was like trying to eat a pomegranate you could say, messy and all over the place, but ultimately delightful.

I’m super grateful for the reception and for having the opportunity to meet new people and very talented artists that I look forward to collab with. It’s been a real pleasure.

What technique do you use to open a Pomegranate to get the seeds out?  I’ve used many; sometimes I just cut it in half and hit the back with a wooden spoon to pop the seeds out on a plate. But my favorite one (that never works for me though) is opening like 6 vertical cuts, taking the crown-like part off, and opening it like an orange. I’ve seen videos where people do that and they open so easily. I always make a mess but I enjoy pomegranates so much. I see it just as part of the ritual of eating one; they make you work for it!

Could we expect to hear more music from you this year? Absolutely, I’m already working on my next song, and after that one I’m releasing a 3 song EP. I don’t know if that one will come up this year or next, but you can expect news from me very soon.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought. What would it be? I don’t know… such a weird time we’re living in. I think I’d encourage people to be kind and sensitive, don’t be afraid to express your true emotions in any way you can. We’re all in this together. And please, don’t let yourself be the reason why you’re not doing the things you love. I’ll try to live by that too.

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