Islandman’s worldly sounds come home with new single ¦ “Lamani”

“Lamani” is the new single from Islandman. What started initially as a lowly wanderer drifting through time and space has bloomed into a trio of travellers who are soon to release their new album Kaybola. A mirage it certainly is not.

With a globe-spanning array of influences, “Lamani” is unlike anything we’ve heard before. Primal percussion cuts an Earthy groove alongside a bassline that wraps itself around it to deliver one of the more natural rhythm sections heard recently. Numerous layers of guitar envelop one another to add further depth to the instrumental, and the throat-singer vocals really cap off the psychedelic vibes of the track. This is definitely one of the most original sounding singles we’ve featured on Sounds Good before, and are very excited to hear more from Islandman.

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