Idyllic sounds of Jackson Dyer’s “CBSKY”

Jackson Dyer has become quite the staple of the underground over the years. With three EPs under his belt, Jackson now looks to branch out into the world with new single “CBSKY”.

Speaking on the new single, Jackson says “I wrote CBSKY focusing on the dramatic and often senseless changes and trials that life brings. Facing many doubts and challenges in my own life, CBSKY took shape over a period of a month, in a small coastal village a few hours north of Sydney, Australia…and helped me reach the understanding that change is inevitable, and that the discomfort it causes will recede with time”.

With wishy-washy synthesisers, soft guitars and the lightest beats of drum, “CBSKY” is a track that captures the easy going nature of the coast perfectly. There’s an element of ease to it which seems to stem from Jackson’s acceptance of change, which is boosted wonderfully by his vocals. There’s a softness to his voice that accentuates each quiver or slight wobble in tone, pushing forth the lyrics into this idyllic instrumental. It’s laid back and beautiful, and a track you could lose yourself in forever.

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