Jacob Jeffries is set to release his new album Mother Land later this year and well, his new single ‘Highest Bidder’ is really quite wonderful. I’d rank it in the same tier of wonderfulness as seeing a Doggo bounding in the summer sun, or waking up to discover that you haven’t shit yourself for the first time in six weeks.

Straight up, I really like this track. From the get go we are treated to an intro in which Jacob openly states that he doesn’t want to start the intro, before dragging himself into doing it with a countdown projected by the most can’t-be-arsed voices around. Awesome. This perplexing intro is then followed by a beat that is unexpectedly pleasant and sinks right into the happy zone of your mind.

There’s a real sense of unease about the track which really appeals to me. The happy-go-lucky instrumental counteracts against Jacob’s lyrics of selling his soul and being filled with dread to create a contrast so stark that it works so well. The song seemingly crumbles into the pit of despair with a thunderous finale built up of instruments crashing into one another and Jacob’s vocals tipping into the insane that it makes for some excellent listening.

‘Highest Bidder’ is a superb song from Jacob Jeffries. It’s instrumental is very well layered with all sorts of jaunty pianos and guitars and drums, and this is all led by Jacob’s vocals which add a real sense of darkness to the track which makes it sound dead good. I can’t wait to hear Mother Land after this.

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