Jacob Seeger ¦ we’d absolutely get “Down” with his new single

Last week we included Jacob Seeger’s “Love’s Like” on the Good Sounds Playlist, as we enjoyed its mellow tempo, Jacob’s soulful croons and felt it would fill your ears with good vibes. Jacob returns with new single “Down” and once more, his vocals have us swooning. He might aswell be called Croonie McCroonerson (or George Crooney, if you will) by now.  

While the relaxed atmosphere of “Love’s Like” remains, “Down” entertains the space with a beat that snaps into place, producing a groove that’s hard to ignore. This adds some texture against watery synthesisers that flood the airwaves with a foundation that’s perfect for Jacob to deliver a simple vocal hook that makes the chorus so much more engaging. We really dig the retro 80’s sound that it brings to our ears, and would have no problem getting down with this playful bop.

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