Jacob Seeger – ‘Something Real’ | Single Review

Jacob Seeger is a singer-songwriter and this is his new single, ‘Something Real’. This baby boy has only gone and changed his sound up ain’t he? Having burst onto the scene in with his Girl EP back in 2015, Jacob has switched the acoustic guitar for the humble synthesiser, and the result is something that is naughty, sexy and making me absolutely NEED to take a cold shower right now.

Having realised that music can also be used to make people dance than reflect; Jacob takes a new direction with ‘Something Real’. Complete with a silky smooth instrumental and Jacob’s even smoother vocals, this is a song that makes you wonder why Jacob hadn’t produced this kind of music already in his career.

I dig the basslines, the smoky synths and the harmonies involved? Good golly. This is some sensual listening right here. Oh holy moly it’s good.

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