James Leonard Hewitson’s new single “Dance Track”

Dance Track” is the new single from Hartlepool’s James Leonard Hewitson. With his debut album Only the Noise Will Save Me set to be released early next year, JLH looks to gear himself up with a track that wakes the universe up, shaking our collective shoulders alive and ready to celebrate life’s most important elements.

“It is about the fleeting thoughts of balancing work life and love life and shows how different priorities take the fore in our minds” explains Hewitson. The track’s penchant for urgency illustrates these fleeting thoughts perfectly, as it hurries to throw all kinds of noise into our ears. Guitar riffs speed through equally frantic basslines, becoming a fast ride for some angular vocals and letting loose with off-kilter hooks that are peppered with strikes of Cowbell-infused rhythm.

In spite of how chaotic the song is, “Dance Track” is ridiculously catchy. It flexes a strong influence of Punk throughout, but does not forget to keep us entertained along the way.

Listen to “Dance Track” below and connect with James Leonard Hewitson on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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