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Well hello!!! Happy New Year to you and all of your wonderfulness. How was your NYE? If at least 5% of you readers ended up kissing porcelain with chunder, I’ll be so proud. Welcome to the first Liner Notes of 2018, where I suppose we’ll have a little chat about resolutions and goals for the year. It’s also an ideal time to throw some sunshine and love to other music bloggers and artists who helped make 2017 so good, so look out for that towards the end of the post too. What are your resolutions? Personally I’d like to be out the house more, so I might take up dogging.

2017 was the year I ‘found myself’ I reckon. A lot of it was spent soul searching and wondering who I am and what I’d like to do and after getting way too stressed out over driving lessons/exams and working in Finance I’ve reached a point in life where I’m content with it all. I’m a 24 year old person with ambitions higher than his willpower with a receding hairline and an addiction to pizza, and that’s okay. Well, I mean, it’s not, but it’s okay to accept that.

There’s an excellent book called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck which basically projects a message to stop caring about the things you don’t care about, and to enjoy what you have in the present rather than always strive to become something or go somewhere. It’s an eye-opening dose of reality that slaps you across the head, but it’s very good at helping you get grounded with life. So essentially, I’ve come out of reading it knowing that I don’t care about my job in Finance, so why should I bother getting bothered about it? It’s quite freeing shrugging off the arselickers and politicians of the Financial Industry.

All I’d like to achieve in 2018 is to start driving, get a better job that offers money and a possibility to building the future with my dearest picklesnout. That’s all, and I like that. Oh, and maybe have a little bit of pizza scattered throughout it too. And the dogging. Can’t forget about that.


As mentioned above, there’s gonna be some sunshine and love thrown about the gaffe. As you might’ve seen on Twitter I did throw some props to various Blogs and Artists who helped make last year so good. 2017 was the best year I’ve had as a blogger, and those mentioned in particular played a big part in that. Whether it’d be by letting me leech onto their popularity (House in the Sand, Mytacism Music, Peanut Mixtape, Meresha) or by making Life very entertaining to read (Fox Medicine, Nth Cave, Mouse Sucks, Howlie, Cavalcade) or by simply being so good at what they do (Eclectic Music Lover, Indientry, Carpe Carmina, The Lunar Year, Lisabel, Young Earth, St. Buryan), it’s certainly helped bring back the fun that comes with owning a music blog. So thank you.

As well as those, there needs to be a couple hundred thank you’s thrown out to all of the other music blogs, artists, PR peeps and record labels who have also played a part in keeping things running smoothly. Without all of you guys it’d be ridiculously difficult to find new music to rave about, or learn new tricks from, so thank you for all that you do and I hope to see all of that continue into the New Year too.

So uhhhh yeah, that’s about it I think. Here’s to a wonderful 2018! Goodbye forever! Until next month. – Adam xoxox

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