Jasmine Kelly / New EP – Melt

Melt is the new EP from Jasmine Kelly, who records and mixes her music through her iPhone. That is pretty mad to me, as her music sounds very well put together. Gosh, the things we can achieve with technology, eh? I personally cannot wait for a time where technology prevents people from sending chaser emails every other day. Oh, a boy can dream.

The overall vibe of Melt is a record that would accompany a rainy day indoors perfectly. From the subtle percussion to the lazily strummed guitars of opening track “Gaze”, Jasmine produces a sound that’s laid back but full of personality. I love the even more subdued synths that sit in the background, colliding gently with the sweet melodies. This feel good haze bleeds into “Microwave”, which sees warm basslines scatter themselves through the layers, especially during the guest collaboration.

“Wednesday” is my personal favourite of the EP. Anything with horns is sure to sink into the hips, but I love the way the song’s instrumental is loaded with piano, drums, guitars and percussion yet still sounds delicate and light. Jasmine’s vocals float softly over the layers, creating a real highlight.

Jasmine Kelly has got herself a new fan in me. Melt is a superb EP that doesn’t try too hard to grab your attention, but definitely has all the tools to do so. Listen to Melt below and check out Jasmine Kelly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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