Jeremy Zucker / New Single – “not ur friend”

Jeremy Zucker, a singer-songwriter from New Jersey, has been quietly building his discography for years. His debut extended play, ‘Beach Island’ was released in the summer of 2015, with all tracks being written by Zucker and his close friends. Five years on and the twenty-four-year old’s music has grown in both maturity and style. This is evident particularly if you listen to his first EP; it featuring songs about intimacy with a strong hip-hop influence. Compare this to his recent releases, and his style has changed dramatically, with his new songs having an acoustic, more laid-back sound and explore subject matters like mental health and self- love.

But quiet he is no more. With a fast expanding following and interviews with big-shot platforms like Billboard and Genius, he is on the rise to become a global success. Fans have been teased with releases from his upcoming album, the most recent of which is ‘not ur friend’.

The song begins with a second’s long snippet of the recording process, which fans will recognise as a signature Zucker stamp. ‘not ur friend’ radiates chill vibes, ones which go hand in hand with the subject matter of the song – moving on from toxic situations:

“Hang up if you ever think of calling me up/ not afraid to say it darling/ sorry I’m not sorry if it hurts, I don’t mean to make it worse/ I’ve decided that I’m not your fu*king friend”.

He takes a minimalist approach to his sound, with only his voice, an acoustic guitar and a steady drumbeat. The song winds down with the exciting climax of an electric riff, followed by an abrupt finish.

His latest single encapsulates the importance of doing what is best for yourself and understanding when it is better to let a person go. It radiates his mantra of understanding yourself for who you are, rather than what society wants you to be. This creates a listening experience that is both freeing and relaxing, a combination that Zucker works well with.

‘not ur friend’ is the most recent single to be released from his upcoming album, which by the sounds of it, it is going to be a very impressive addition to his already phenomenal records. This follows the announcement of his US and European tour, which will take place later this year. Get your tickets here:

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