Jess Fitz returns with new single ‘Love Tomorrow’. The London artist might’ve LIED when she said there was no more music to expert from her following ‘Miss Me When I’m Gone’, but I’m pleased she did. Jess has taken us on a journey this year. From the early days of her debut ‘I’m Fine’ to the powerful balladry of ‘Miss Me When I’m Gone’, Jess has delivered a strong introduction to her sound. One that continues to evolve on this new tune.

Signalling the start of Jess Fitz 2.0, ‘Love Tomorrow’ explores the landscape of modern connectivity. With all of us needing to avoid our faces for a bit, social media and Zoom have become the main ways to keep in touch with people. Jess spins this new setup as one that brings feelings of vulnerability to the forefront and delivers a song that illustrates this perfectly.   

Piano chords echo out into nothingness for the intro, setting the scene for Jess’s vocals to inject this tone of solitude into the mix. As always, her voice fills the room with emotive lyrics that bring tons of helplessness to the ears. Adding personal stories along the way to really make it easy to relate. Subtle electronics are added to the instrumental, bringing flashes of percussion and synth together to pair nicely with the piano. Converting this dramatic tune into one that fits the modern times.

It makes for fantastic listening and has arrived at a time where the dreary winter months fit the overall mood of 2020. Eight months into lockdown and we’re feeling the same way, always thinking of tomorrow as when we can start returning to normal again. Jess Fitz has done it again, and I’m excited to hear more of this new version of her.

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