Jess Fitz / New Single – “Saturday Night”

“Saturday Night” is the new single from Jess Fitz. It follows on from her debut “I’m Fine”, and focuses on the wonderful experience of being ghosted by a potential suitor. I have this happen all the time. I smile, show some skin, offer out my number and nope, they never return my calls or wish to see me again. It’s a shame. One day I will get my Mr. Domino’s Delivery Driver.

Backed up by funk-filled guitars straight from the 70s, it’s Jess’s vocals that take centre stage on this new song. Her voice exhumes the excitement and fun that comes with a night out, and the prospect of meeting someone also seems to bleed into the instrumental, maintaining a jovial vibe throughout. I love how everything seems to be in motion constantly, allowing the backing vocals to contribute hooks against the dancing guitar leads and the pummelling groove of the bassline. The way it all seems to fit together is so good.

Jess Fitz is quickly becoming one of my new favourite artists, and “Saturday Night” is confirmation of that. With her debut EP out in June, I’m excited to hear what more she has to offer. Listen to “Saturday Night” below and check out Jess Fitz on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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