‘Suvi’ is the debut single from JESUS CMPLXX. After a decade of working at Sony Music Canada and rubbing shoulders with the likes of John Legend and Beyoncé, this project is all about regaining a passion for music that might have been lost in a corporate setting. It’s almost like if I quit my job in Finance to reacquaint my love for Quantitative Easing, except I hate Finance.

What a way to bring yourself back into the joy of music though. ‘Suvi’ is a wondrous listen complete with solid instrumentals and memorable hooks. The sound is built up of industrial beats, beefy bass tones and percussion determined to ramp up the grooves this track has. The vocals seem to float amongst the layers and seem to come and go as they please, while additional cameos of guitars emerge from the shadows to lay down a lick or two.

It makes for some great listening, I must say. JESUS CMPLXX looks set to be a promising act to look out for in the near future and ‘Suvi’ is a great way to introduce yourself.

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