Joseph of Mercury has maintained a dazzling level of productivity this year, and looks to continue it with the release of his new single “Pretenders”. The latest cut has caught us off guard, charmed us and left us feeling a little hot under the collar.

“You’re being told that the feelings are real, it just can’t be open right now,” Joseph recalls. “How much longer can that go on while you still convince yourself that it’s true? My songs often have a lot of yearning in them, but I aspire for them to also have a touch of hope. Things seem so impossible, but you feel like it’s a distance that can be closed.” There’s a real sense of yearning within “Pretenders” as the Toronto artist croons his way through an instrumental that ramps up the romance in the atmosphere.

Bubbling synths combines with tantric drums to create a sound that slips into the hips, made funkier by a bassline that’s hellbent on making you move. Drawn out guitar strums & Joseph’s vocals bring some theatrical elements to the track that gives off some David Bowie vibes which really appeals to us, but also heightens the tension held within the track as it pleads to get what it wishes. “Pretenders” is sexy, catchy, and everything we wish we could be.

Listen to “Pretenders” below and connect with Joseph of Mercury on his website or Instagram.

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